The BlueBRIDGE consortium brings together scientists, practitioners and experts, who are individually considered as world leaders in their respective areas. Its strength relies on the scientific complementarities of the partners and a history of excellence in the e-infrastructure field (seven of the fifteen partners were part of a previous e-infrastructure project funded by the European Commission, iMarine - Data e-Infrastructure Initiative for Fisheries Management and Conservation of Marine Living Resources, and three partners were involved in the same initiative as high level experts).


BlueBRIDGE bundles forces from intergovernmental organizations, research institutes, industry and SMEs establishing a network with a proven track in VREs & e-Infrastructures, computer science, marine, aquaculture, environmental & fisheries science & economy. The organisation relies on 3 pillars under the form of the BlueBRIDGE Governing Boards. The members were formally assigned at the project launch meeting which took place at CNR in Pisa, Italy, from 14-18 September 2015 as illustrated below: 

General Assembly Members

Chaired by Donatella Castelli, CNR
CNR Pasquale Pagano
ERCIM Jessica Michel Assoumou 
ENG Nadia Nardi
UOA Yannis Ioannidis
FAO Marc Taconet
ICES Wojciech Wawrzynski
IRD Julien Barde
FORTH Yannis Tzitzikas
TRUST-IT Sara Garavelli
I2S Kostas Seferis
CITE Konstantinos Kakaletris
CLS Jean-Yves Lebras
GRID Arendal Miles Macmillan-Lawler
PMBret Phil Monbet
Project Steering Committee (PSC) 
Position on PSC PSC Member Assignment Person Assigned by the Party
Coordinator CNR Donatella Castelli
Business Development Manager ENG Nadia Nardi
Outreach Manager TRUST-IT Sara Garavelli
Blue Assessment Manager FAO Anton Ellenbroek
Blue Economy Manager UOA George Kakaletris
Blue Environment Manager FAO Anton Ellenbroek
Blue Skills Manager ICES Anna Davies
Technical Director CNR Pasquale Pagano
Project Manager CNR Leonardo Candela
Project Executive Committee (PEC) 
Work Package Leader WP Leader Assignment Person Assigned by the Party
WP1 Project Management CNR Donatella Castelli
WP2 Project Governance, Exploitation and Sustainability CNR Pasquale Pagano
WP3 Communication, Stakeholder Engagement and Knowledge transfer TRUST-IT Sara Garavelli
WP4 VREs Deployment and Operation ENG Paolo Fabriani
WP5 Supporting Blue Assessment: VREs Development FAO Anton Ellenbroek
WP6 Supporting Blue Economy: VREs Development UOA George Kakaletris
WP7 Supporting Blue Environment: VREs Development FAO Anton Ellenbroek
WP8 Supporting Blue Skills: VREs Development ICES Anna Davies
WP9 VRE Commons Development CNR Massimiliano Assante
WP10 Interfacing Infrastructures ENG Gabriele Giammatteo