Collaboration type: training collaboration

About Athens University/Department of economics: The Department of Economics is an independent department within the Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences of University of Athens. It has 47 faculty members, 3,500 undergraduate and 140 graduate active students and awards 350 degrees in economics every year. Faculty members are engaged in research in all fields of economics, but also in related fields, such as economic history, philosophy, mathematics, statistics and information science. The Department of Economics of the University of Athens plays a significant role in the production of economic knowledge, offering a critical analysis of economic relations and institutions.  Its research output enriches the Greek and international literature in economics and related fields.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: Andreas A. Papandreou, Associate Professor in the Economics Department of the University of Athens and co-chair of SDSN Greece hosted the special training course ‘BLUEBRIDGE: Conceptual Framework and Cloud Infrastructure for Integrated Economic–Environmental Modeling’ in the framework of the NKUA postgraduate course Environmental Economics in March 2017, Athens. Special focus has been given to the enviromental data covered by the Blue Economy tools as well as to the socio-economic aspects of an integrated aquafarming production.  A practical usage of the AquacultureTrainingLab VRE has taken place.

Plans for the future: A continuation of the 2017 training course is scheduled for the spring semester of 2018 and analogous courses for the coming years.