Virtual Research environments to support scientific trainings

Education in an interdisciplinary scenario is usually delivered through university courses, focussed training events and workshops provided by specialised scientific institutes. As a result, there can often be a gap in making the necessary technological support available to scientists, trainees and students.

Boosting Knowledge transfer

Boosting education means also creating new skills related to diverse topics. Some of the topics related to BlueBRIDGE and the tools delivered by the project became part of university programmes at the University of Athens, at the Sorbonne University and at the University of Pisa.


Using public e-Infrastructures for commercial & operational purposes

BlueBRIDGE strongly believes that Small, Medium and Large enterprises can benefit from the data, resources and tools made available by the existing European einfrastructures and leverage them to build new services, or enhance existing ones. As part of its mandate, BlueBRIDGE supports IT companies operating in the aquaculture sector by providing them with data, computational resources, data analytics and expertise

Managing a large consortium through VREs

One of the major issue in managing an EU-funded project is to ensure a smooth communication among the partners and make sure that each partner has access to all the relevant resources and latest information.

Leveraging call for SMEs and webinars to engage potential users

The success of BlueBRIDGE is linked to the adoption of its services and products which target a specific niche of stakeholders in different domains. In order to promote adoption, stakeholders need to understand what are the benefits in using them.

Boosting impact through multipliers

One of the major objectives of BlueBRIDGE was to promote the uptake of its services to the different stakeholders. But how could all the different stakeholders (industry, policy makers, academia, etc.) be reached in a cost effective way?

Organising Datathons to fuel new thinking and develop new skills

One of the objectives of BlueBRIDGE was to stimulate adoption of its resources (datasets, data analytics and technologies) and transfer knowledge to key stakeholders in different domains. Traditionally these objectives are achieved through promotional activities and ad hoc face-to-face meetings with potential users and through training courses. Very often these are separate activities which requires quite a deal of effort for their preparation and financial resources. That’s why BlueBRIDGE implemented a different approach that can be considered a best practice: the organisation of datathons.