Collaboration type: Joint Dissemination Collaboration

About the CDB: The Common Dissemination Booster (CDB) is a brand-new service available to all, ongoing or closed, European, National, Regional funded Research & Innovation (R&I) projects (H2020, FP7 or other). The booster encourages projects to come together to identify a common portfolio of results and shows them how best to disseminate to end-users, with an eye on exploitation opportunities. On behalf of the European Commission Trust-IT Services offers to the applicants five different CDB service portfolios: 1) Portfolio of dissemination results of projects; 2) Stakeholder/End-user mapping; 3) Dissemination Plan Development; 4) Dissemination Capacity building; 5) Dissemination Campaign in Practice.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: BlueBRIDGE, in collaboration with the DG Research & Innovation Unit, has driven the engagement process of 24 projects dealing with the digitalisation of the seas and the oceans to form a cluster for the CDB. The cluster has successfully applied to service 1 and 3 which are currently ongoing. The results of the CDB will be a portfolio of dissemination results of projects and the delivery to the cluster of a common Dissemination Plan that will support the project of the clusters in their future dissemination activities.

Plans for the future: This activity is ongoing and will pursue and support the BlueBRIDGE dissemination activities after the end of the project. This was the perfect opportunity for BlueBRIDGE to make sure that a set of dissemination activities will continue after the end of the funded project.