Deliverable D10.2 “BlueBRIDGE Resources Federation Facilities: Revised Version” is the revised version of the D10.1 deliverable, intended to report the various releases of the BlueBRIDGE facilities for infrastructures integration and federated resources management, including the latest developments and releases that took place between the 2 versions of the reports. It is of type “Other” and it is structured as follows: a description for each facility is available on this document in conjunction with a number of URLs, if needed, to the project’s wiki, providing more detailed descriptions and additional information for each component. This revised version of the document covers the whole period of the project, including the up to date information of the D10.1 deliverable and the new developed facilities aiming on providing a complete picture of the available federation facilities developed through the project’s lifetime.

In the period covered by the deliverable new developments took place and a set of new components are made available, contributing to the list of the available federation facilities. The list with the new components include: the SmartGears distribution via Docker container images, the gCube enabled services, the SDI service with the special workspace folder for SDI, the OAI-PMH service for external repositories integration and the CMEMS Dataset Importer. In addition, existing components have been enhanced and improved.

The deliverable is divided in three main sections following the structure of Work Package 10:

  • T10.1 facilities for integrating computing infrastructure facilities

  • T10.2 facilities for integrating data infrastructure resources

  • T10.3 facilities for federated resources management.

    The deliverable provides, for each facility, a description, the documentation for developers and system administrators, how-to guides and usage instructions for different use cases and links to open source code and binaries.