This deliverable documents the BlueBRIDGE data management strategy. The strategy was developed by producing three successive versions of this deliverable: a preliminary version at M6, an intermediate version at M18, a final version, this one, at M27. No major modifications have been done to this version since plans established at M18 have mostly been confirmed. The deliverable extends the content of D2.2 primarily by adding details on data management responsibilities and data security. The deliverable is organised around solutions and approaches aiming at making BlueBRIDGE data / datasets findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR). In particular, the deliverable provides an overview of the data managed by the project by describing the purpose of the data collection / generation and its relation to the objectives of the project, the types and formats, any re-use of existing data as well as giving hints on “data utility”, i.e. scenarios and stakeholders that might benefit from BlueBRIDGE data. Then the deliverable describes the specific solutions and approaches for making BlueBRIDGE data FAIR, namely (i) the provisioning of an array of catalogues including an “overall” one making it possible to associate suitable metadata to the datasets, (ii) the provisioning of several repositories for data thus to deal with the heterogeneity characterising the VREs as well as preserving the peculiarities of the diverse typologies, (iii) the support for standard and controlled vocabularies, and (iv) the promotion of practices favouring the re- use, e.g. licences making the data as open as possible. Finally, the deliverable concludes by discussing costs and resources underlying the data management and the data security, legal and ethical issues.