This document reports on outcomes of the planning and activities in BlueBRIDGE Work Package 5 “Supporting Blue Assessment: VRE Development”. In particular it documents the requirements and specifications to support the development of stock assessment data services and the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries, from M16 to M18, and includes implementation plans until M22.
The Deliverable 5.3 was originally planned as a living wiki page that would grow with the development of Blue Assessment tools and services. This wiki is now used to propose new ideas, discuss potential development efforts, and report some results. The obvious overlap with the ticketing system, and the multitude of development activities, some of which stopped or completed in 2016, while other are not planned until 2018, led to fragmentation of the wiki in some parts, as observed for D5.1.
In November 2016 the PO requested that for Deliverable 5.1 a report had to be produced to summarize the information of the wiki in an organized fashion, which resulted in the VRE Specifications of D5.1. The Deliverable 5.3 (revised version of the VRE plan) was scheduled for release only one month after the production of D5.1 report. Since this was too short for a meaningful revision, it was decided to delay the production of D5.3 from December 2016 to July 2017 to capture community meetings and include the resulting requirements and specifications for VREs and data services.