Deliverable D5.4 “Blue Assessment VRE Integrated Resources: Revised Version” provides an updated description of the resources that are exploited or reused in Blue Assessment VREs. With resources, we refer to software and tools, but also data sources, policies and guidelines, etc. in the context of the Blue Assessment VREs; in particular the Stock Assessment VREs and the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries VRE.
The deliverable was originally planned and implemented as a living wiki page – which was in turn connected to several other wiki pages – that would grow along with the development of Blue Assessment resources. The rationale behind the use of the wiki was to facilitate the proposal and discussion of new ideas and the development efforts, and report (intermediate) results. However, in November 2016 it was decided that a report had to be produced to summarize the information of the wiki pages in an organized fashion and a revised version of D5.2 was produced.
The deliverable documents the final version of the set of resources that have been integrated to serve the needs of the Blue Assessment VREs. It has been produced by revising and extending D5.2. In particular, the deliverable documents the entire set of models for data analysis that have been integrated, as well as the set of datasets and software components.