The deliverable D7.2 Blue Environment VRE Integrated Resources provides a description of the resources that are or will be exploited or reused in Blue Environment VREs. With the term resources, we refer to data sources, policies, guidelines, software and tools, etc. in the context of the Blue Environment VREs; in particular, as already described in deliverable D7.1, the Aquaculture Atlas Generation VRE and the Marine Protected Areas VRE. The document reports on the resources that have been integrated until the month M17 (January ‘17). The mentioned VREs were described in deliverable D7.1, where the design and the overall goals of the VREs were specified by pointing to a set of Wiki pages. Indeed, also Deliverable D7.2 was originally planned and implemented as a type “Other”; a living wiki page – which was in turn connected to several other wiki pages – that evolved with the development of Blue Environment resources. The rationale behind the wiki was to have flexibility in proposing new ideas, discuss potential development efforts, and report (intermediate) results. However, the overlap with the ticketing system, and the multitude of development activities, some of which stopped or completed in 2016, while other are not planned until 2018, led to fragmentation of the wiki in some parts.

Therefore in November 2016 it was decided that a deliverable of type “Report” had to be produced to summarize the information of the wiki pages in an organized fashion. This is the report that has been derived from the wiki pages, therefore in many sections, we report the links to the wiki pages where the reader can find more detailed (or in some cases more recent) information; the two sources are not synchronized.

The deliverable covers the first sixteen months of the project . An update to this deliverable will be D7.4 (Blue Environment VRE Integrated Resources: Revised Version) which is due for M27.