The goal of Blue Skills is to develop and deploy Virtual Research Environments (VREs) essential for boosting education and knowledge bridging between research and innovation in the area of protection and management of marine resources.
In order to achieve this goal, plans have been laid for real courses, both with physical attendance and online courses, which have been implemented throughout the project span.
The course programme evolved during the project lifetime, e.g. new courses to be supported have been constantly identified. The initial list has been produced in October 2015 (MS4 Blue Skills VRE Plan) and whenever a course to be supported is identified it is recorded through dedicated tickets.
Depending on the characteristics of each course either a new Virtual Laboratory can be created or one or more existing ones can be re-used to support the activity of course participants.
This deliverable documents the entire list of Blue Skills related events organised during the whole duration of the BlueBRIDGE project. In the whole period of the project, 46 courses and events took place with the support of 30 VREs or VLabs (19 VREs / VLab specifically developed). These courses were attended by more than 1100 participants in total.