Deliverable D9.2 – “BlueBRIDGE VRE Commons Facilities: Revised Version” is the revised version of the D9.1 deliverable, intended to report the release of the BlueBRIDGE facilities for Data Access, Data Discovery, Data Storage, Data Analytics and Data Publishing. It is conceived to include the latest developments and releases that took place between the 2 versions of the reports. The deliverable is of type “Other” and the following document is intended to provide its readers with an easy-to-use description of the actual components, services and systems contributing to form the BlueBRIDGE VRE Commons Facilities. This document is structured as follows: a description for each facility is available, in conjunction with links to the project’s wiki, providing more detailed descriptions and additional information for each component. This revised version of the document aims at providing a complete picture of the available facilities for Accessing, Discovering, Storing Data, Analysing and Publishing Data developed through the project’s lifetime.
The deliverable is divided in two main sections. The first one follows the structure of Work Package 9; specifically, it documents the various releases and versions of the facilities available for Accessing, Discovering and Storing Data (T9.1), for Analysing Data (T9.2) and for Publishing Data (T9.3).
The second section comprises facilities for managing and using VREs that span across all the three WP9 tasks. Specifically, it includes dedicated parts documenting the various releases and versions of services for defining, creating and deploying VREs (VRE Management facilities) together with a set of applications allowing to use the VRE through a thin client (VRE Enabling facilities).
The deliverable provides, for each facility, a description, the documentation for developers and system administrators, how-to guides and usage instructions for different use cases and links to open source code and binaries. Further details and the complete documentation for the facilities are available on the gCube wiki at
The intended readers of this deliverable are (a) the community in the large willing to be informed on the solutions BlueBRIDGE offers for VRE management, Data Access, Discovery, Storage, Analytics and Publishing, and (b) the gCube developer community to know how to integrate, use and build on top of the facilities described by the document.