Collaboration type: adoption of the BlueBRIDGE services.

About DrumFish: The DRuMFISH project aims to study advanced methods for advice on the status and management of data-poor stocks in mixed fisheries. The project ran from the December 2015 to December 2017 and aimed at undertaking a review of assessment and management approaches for data-poor stocks and identify relevant approaches for application in case studies and wider EU fisheries. The case studies were: Adriatic Sea, Bay of Biscay, North Sea, Baltic Sea, Aegean Sea, Celtic Sea, and Western Mediterranean.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: The project identified two important methods that have already been used within the ICES advisory system and provide the required tools for DRuMFISH: CMSY (Froese et al, 2017) for data-limited cases, and the stochastic surplus production model in continuous time (SPiCT, Pedersen and Berg in press) for data-moderate cases. These methods produce consistent outputs that could be straightforwardly incorporated into the simulation tools used by DRUMFISH. Since BlueBRIDGE hosts the CMSY model as-a-Service, we organized a course to make DRuMFISH participants use it through a dedicated Virtual Research Environment. Further, we used CMSY to help scientists analyse and forecast stocks of high commercial interest, especially in the Adriatic Sea. In this way, we contributed to the project deliverables and outcome.

Plans for the future: Since the project finished in 2017, there are no plans for the future. However, one of the partners (CNR-ISMAR) is continuing to use the BlueBRIDGE infrastructure and is planning to produce scientific papers based on the output of the CMSY instance running in the infrastructure.