EGI-Engage aims to accelerate the implementation of the Open Science Commons by expanding the capabilities of a European backbone of federated services for computing, storage, data, communication, knowledge and expertise, complementing community-specific capabilities.

Collaboration Purpose

The aim of this collaboration is scientific and technological. For the former, BlueBRIDGE aims to bring to the EGI community the needs and the feedback of the communities supported and, in particular, to illustrate the complexity of data management in large, distributed and multi-facet communities. In this first area, it is also important to highlight the joint effort spent for the definition of a Joint Service Registry. For the latter, the aim is to design, develop, test, validate, and put in operation the technology to link D4Science to EGI Federated Cloud to let the BlueBRIDGE communities exploit the computational and storage resources offered by the most prominent data centres in Europe.