Collaboration type: Service Level Agreement

About FORTH: Although FORTH is a member of the BlueBRIDGE consortium, it was required to conduct a Service Level Agreement with CNR, for exploiting software with a proprietary license that has been developed from FORTH.

The FORTH-ICS Information Systems (ISL) Laboratory combines expertise in knowledge representation and reasoning, database systems, net-centric information systems, and conceptual modelling. Its grand research challenge is to succeed in the transition from traditional information systems to semantically rich, large-scale, adaptive information systems. The activities of ISL are structured around (a) Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, (b) Web Data and Knowledge Integration and Adaptation, (c) Service-Oriented Computing and (d) Exploratory and Personalized Search. FORTH-ICS has a long experience in participating in EU and national projects.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: FORTH and CNR entered in signing a Service Level Agreement, that grants limited access to CNR in using proprietary software developed by FORTH. More specifically, the agreement defines that CNR is allowed to use the binaries of MatWare software (version 3.0) only for the purposes of operating the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries VRE powered by the D4Science infrastructure.

MatWare is a framework, developed by FORTH, that automates the process of constructing semantic warehouses. It is capable of automatically fetching the contents from the underlying data sources using several access methods (i.e. SPARQL endpoints, HTTP-accessible files, JDBC, etc.), transforming them into RDF descriptions with respect to a top level ontology, ingest them into a semantic warehouse, and evaluate its connectivity by exploiting a connectivity metrics.

In the context of the BlueBRIDGE project, MatWare has been exploited for the purposes of the construction of the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries (GRSF). More specifically it was used for: (a) harvesting data from the original sources (i.e. FIRMS, FishSource and RAM Legacy Stock Assessment Database), (b) transforming data as RDF instances of the extended MarineTLO ontology, (c) ingesting them into the GRSF Knowledge Base (KB) and (d) assess the connectivity of GRSF KB.

Plans for the future: The Service Level Agreement refers to the object code (binaries) of a specific version of MatWare software (version 3.0). It stands until 01/March/2020 and therefore it can be used without any deviations until then.