Collaboration type: Ongoing collaboration through expertise and data exchange, and potential strengthened future collaboration through new projects.

About Joint Research Center (Ispra, Italy) and BIOPAMA: The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Commission's science and knowledge service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide inde pendent scientific advice and support to EU policy. The Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme (BIOPAMA) is a project that aims to improve the long-term conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, in protected areas and surrounding communities. It is an initiative of the ACP Group of States financed by the European Union’s 11th European Development Fund (EDF), jointly implemented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC).

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: Mariagrazia Graziano is a scientist who is part of the External Advisory Board for the BlueBRIDGE project and works at JRC on the BIOPAMA project together with Lucy Bastin. Through their work, their team has developed datasets (e.g.: cleaned World Database on Protected Areas) that they have been shared with BlueBRIDGE to be used in the Protected Area Impact Maps (PAIM) VRE. BlueBRIDGE is currently developing pathways to allow the BIOPAMA project and other JRC initiatives (e.g.: DOPA explorer) to use the data and reports generated by the PAIM VRE. During the BlueBRIDGE project, two meetings with JRC have been organised to share knowledge and advice on best practises for the development of the PAIM VRE. Through the BIOPAMA project, the JRC team is also providing BlueBRIDGE feedback on the PAIM VRE. As JRC is actively engaged in the Caribbean region and has access to data from the region, the very first development of the PAIM VRE  focused on that region to move thereafter to a global coverage.

Plans for the future: BlueBRIDGE will keep liaising with JRC, and discuss pathways for the PAIM VRE in order to allow JRC to use the PAIM data and simultaneously fetch outputs in the form of data and reports for the JRC own interfaces and initiatives. BlueBRIDGE and JRC are also evaluating the opportunity of working together in future collaborative projects.