Collaboration type: Training collaboration (Proposed)

About: MMAF, the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries is supporting the collaboration with FAO-Indonesia and BlueBRIDGE to develop a capacity building workshop on the adaptation of BlueBRIDGE data services. The MMAF oversees many regional EO and GIS based activities, and is interested to broaden the scope of their application in detection and monitoring of aquaculture sites.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: BlueBRIDGE, FAO Rome, FAO Indonesia, and CLS have developed a use case and supporting VRE for detection of aquaculture sites in coastal areas, a challenge given the dynamic nature of the land-use types. The VRE was delivered in January 2018, with 3 local consultants recruited through FAOR-Indonesia reviewing the VRE, analyzing the potential linkage with ongoing local activities and plans, and preparing a local national capacity building workshop.

Plans for the future: The workshop is currently under preparation and will be proposed for funding to FAO Indonesia in April. If approved, the workshop program and VRE will be published and selected Indonesian experts will be asked to participate. Moderators are expected to be sourced from FAO and CLS with funding through FAO-Indonesia.