One of the cornerstones of operating a business is the expertise of the human capital of an enterprise. However, in the complex multi-disciplinary landscape that is emerging in the world-wide competitive highly competitive modern market, key position holders need not only to be highly skilled in the vertical domain but also understand the impact of options and choices they make on the overall performance of the enterprise.

In the aquaculture domain, a business with tight profit margins, multifactor operational analysis and performance evaluation is becoming increasingly critical for optimizing business operation. This is a new challenge where hands-on experience, though powerful, cannot support skill building due to the limits of allowed time, impact and flexibility. Information Technology, with the support of Statistics and Economics can come into play, putting on the table the tools that allow simulating the complex process an aquafarm operation, forming an invaluable tool for understanding causes and effects. Not only businesses, but also policy making bodies activating in the domain can profit from those tools for improving their human capital performance, widening their view of the field and allowing them to build a next-to-actual experience on the impact of business choices or policies.

BlueBRIDGE, puts all that under the perspective of the Virtual Research Environment, offered on the cloud, presenting a rich, integrated, platform for skill building as a Service to its users. The VRE users are welcomed into a fully web accessible interface, where they can experiment with the effect of the various key factors affecting not only the production performance but also the financial results of an aquafarm. Via friendly User Interfaces they can alter the parameters of operation of their hypothetical cases, getting visual and numeric feedback on the impact of decisions taken, using either platform provided, curated anonymized sampling data sets or uploading their own production sample data, allowing the system to act on their specific production characteristics.

Skill-building on BlueBRIDGE VREs allow:

  • Storage and statistical analysis of production data – this is a major step forward for many companies, especially SMEs
  • Selection of key aquafarming configuration and operation factors
  • Calculation of the most important production KPIs  
  • Estimation of financial KPIs (NPV, IRR etc), optionally adjusted by accounting the environmental, social and economic impact.
  • Graphical visualization of analysis results.
  • What-if analysis, that allows companies, investors and policy makers to optimize production or investments. It is the first time that such tools are offered to the sector and is expected to have a great effect on the mentality, way of working and the skills of the people.

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