Last week, Tiziana Ferrari, Technical Director of the EGI foundation[1] (, opened the EGI Conference 2017 (9-12 May 2017, Catania, Italy) highlighting the importance of collaboration among e-infrastructures.

One of the successful examples highlighted by Tiziana was the one related to the integration of EGI Federated Cloud with D4Science, the hybrid data infrastructure underlying BlueBRIDGE.

The collaboration, formalised through an official Service Level Agreement signed between EGI and D4Science in 2016 and updated this May 2017, foresees the enhancement of the D4Science infrastructure with the provision of EGI computational and storage resources.

What does it mean in practical terms? EGI will provide D4Science with 210 Virtual CPU cores, 508 GB of memory and 12,6 TB of storage.  These resources will be made available by the following five EGI data centers located in four different European Countries: CESGA (Spain), GeoGrid (Germany), IISAS-FedCloud (Slovakia), RECAS-Bari (Italy) and UPV-GRyCAP (Spain).

What will be the impact of such an agreement? The new resources will provide the community managers operating a BlueBRIDGE Virtual Research Environment with additional computing and storage power, enabling them to offer enhanced services to the over 1900 BlueBRIDGE users.

This agreement is very important for BlueBRIDGE as the resources provided by EGI represent close to 20% of the BlueBRIDGE demand for computational and storage resources.

More information on the collaboration between the EGI Foundation and D4Science can be found on the EGI website

More on the EGI Federated Cloud and its architecture.


[1] The EGI foundation is a publicly-funded organisation based in Amsterdam, set up to provide advanced computing services for research and innovation, which comprises over 300 data centers and cloud providers spread across Europe and worldwide