Pasquale Pagano, CNR & Technical Director, BlueBRIDGE, article "Hybrid data e-infrastructures: VREs as-a-Service" is part of the latest EGI newsletter. 

Pasquale writes about how VREs are helping 900 users in the fisheries community with BlueBRIDGE contributing directly to this. 

See an extract taken from the article below. 


Building on new requirements from the Blue Growth sector, we started the BlueBRIDGE project in September 2015, and as of April 2016 we have 12 new VREs serving already more than 300 users. BlueBRIDGE users span from fisheries to the aquaculture communities (with a particular focus on SMEs), but also supports educators in setting up scientific training environments that require execution of data-intensive processes.

The new VREs implemented in BlueBRIDGE will enrich the iMarine portfolio and will be built on the D4Science infrastructure expanding its user base (D4Science connects over 2400 scientists in 44 countries belonging to more than 10 international initiatives). 

The full article can be found here