On September 2016, two workshops will be held by BlueBRIDGE:

A stock assessment training workshop at the Annual ICES Science Conference, 19-23 September, Riga, Latvia

The Annual ICES Science Conference (ICES ASC) offers five days of marine science in Riga, including 18 theme sessions, a variety of topical open sessions, poster sessions, lunchtime workshops, and social events. ICES, as a partner in the project, is using the BlueBRIDGE underlying infrastructure and VREs to facilitate tasks that require robust computing capabilities, harmonization of disparate data sources, and rapid dissemination of results among collaborators.

During the ICES conference,  BlueBRIDGE will be present with an exhibition booth and with the workshop "The BlueBRIDGE stock assessment VRE". This training session will cover the following topics:

  • discussion on the benefits of using VREs in the fisheries sector;
  • how to set up VREs to solve specific problems;
  • identify new collaboration opportunities;
  • gathering of inputs and suggestions on the BlueBRIDGE tools used to support the ICES activities.



A workshop on "Virtual research environments for the Open Science Cloud" at the Digital Infrastructure for Research 2016, 30 September, Krakow, Poland

Digital Infratructures for Research 2016 (DI4R) conference is designed with research communities in mind and aims to foster broader adoption of digital infrastructure services and promote user-driven innovation.

BlueBRIDGE will be present at DI4R with the session "Virtual research environments for the Open Science Cloud". The detailed agenda of the workshop will be published soon.



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