Although BlueBRIDGE has a special focus on the aquaculture and the ecosystem approach to fisheries domains, its data access, discovery, analytics and visualisation facilities can serve many other sectors. 

Donatella Castelli, CNR-ISTI and BlueBRIDGE Coordinator, at the recent EURAGRI Big Data in agriculture event , highlighted how the marine and agriculture sectors are facing similar challenges related to data management services. That’s why the web-based collaborative environments developed by BlueBRIDGE can be useful for this community. 

Think how beneficial could be the BlueBRIDGE services to seamlessly discover access and repackage rich array of datasets (e.g. tabular, geospatial, biodiversity datasets) that are spread across heterogeneous data providers! Think about the massive amounts of data that are produced by digital and connected objects such as farm equipment or sensors in the fields or biochips in animals!    

Similar needs exist in another community that since science began deals with the management of huge amount of data, which is the space sector. 

On the 16th of March, Nadia Nardi, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica and Business Development Manager at BlueBRIDGE, was at the European Space Agency conference on “Big Data From Space” showcasing the interdisciplinary potential of BlueBRIDGE. 

On this occasion, Nadia presented the paper on "The D4SCIENCE Infrastructure to Support Academic Courses". The multi-disciplinary feature of BlueBRIDGE is indeed made possible by its powerful underlying infrastructure, D4Science of which Nadia showcased all the potentiality during the event. 

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