FAO Blue Growth Blog: Developing sustainable aquaculture in Angola


The latest Blue Growth blog is online with a specific focus developing sustainable aquaculture in Angola. 

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European Commission ready to splash €50bn on transformational digitisation plan


The European Commission (EC) has unveiled a number of measures to digitise industry across Europe, mobilising €50bn of public and private funding to support initiatives around innovation, public services and standards, as well as pilot projects for Big data technologies and 5G Mobile networks. 

The measures will link up a number of national initiatives, including in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, and establish a framework across the European Union (EU) to coordinate cross-border work.

Hybrid data e-infrastructures: VREs as-a-Service


Pasquale Pagano, CNR & Technical Director, BlueBRIDGE, article "Hybrid data e-infrastructures: VREs as-a-Service" is part of the latest EGI newsletter. 

Pasquale writes about how VREs are helping 900 users in the fisheries community with BlueBRIDGE contributing directly to this. 

See an extract taken from the article below. 

BlueBRIDGE featured in ERCIM News No. 105


The latest BlueBRIDGE article "How Science can Improve Marine Ecosystem Predictions: the BlueBRIDGE Case" has been featured in the ERCIM news No 105! 

The Article looks into how BlueBRIDGE can support the process of Ecopath with Ecosim food web models creation by making available for Ecopath a seamless access to different species, fisheries and environmental data sources.

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The production of maps of natural zones and human activity, together with stock assessment, can enable ecosystem degradation analysis. Services related to investment analysis and the identification of strategic locations in aquaculture can represent a competitive advantage for the aquafarming sector.

What could Agriculture and Space sectors have in common? BlueBRIDGE!


Although BlueBRIDGE has a special focus on the aquaculture and the ecosystem approach to fisheries domains, its data access, discovery, analytics and visualisation facilities can serve many other sectors. 

BlueBRIDGE in Action: A demonstration on how BlueBRIDGE can support the production of a GIS map!


See How BlueBRIDGE can help you with our new demo video. 

Heard about BlueBRIDGE and wondered what BlueBRIDGE actually does? Maybe you’re interested in some of the potential services BlueBRIDGE has to offer but want to see it in action? 
Here we have the latest BlueBRIDGE demonstration and instructional video on how BlueBRIDGE can support the production of a GIS map, with simple step by step instructions to guide you through the process. 

Fisheries: Commission decentralises and simplifies technical conservation measures


On Friday, the European Commission, continuing to deliver on its commitment to Better Regulation, presented a proposal for new conservation measures for fisheries in European seas. These are rules on how, where and when fishermen may fish, also determining gear, catch composition and ways to deal with accidental catches.

Bringing food web models to the next level: Interview with Jeroen Steenbeek, Head Technical Committee at Ecopath Research and Development Consortium


Jeroen Steenbeek, Head Technical Committee at Ecopath Research and Development Consortium, explains why the food web models are fundamental for predicting the human impact on marine ecosystems and the work he is planning to do with BlueBRIDGE to bring the Ecopath with Ecosim approach at a next level.

VRE: three letters to enhance the cooperation and collaboration amongst researchers in modern science


How many times have you heard the word VRE wondering what this acronym is all about? You’ve heard it in your research institute, you’ve read it in the European Commission work programme, one of your colleagues, working in the economics department mentioned it, as well as a friend of yours who is specialised in marine biology. Were they all talking about the same thing?  The answer is yes. Read this article to find out more...