Collaboration type: collaboration

About PARTHENOS: PARTHENOS is an H2020 European project. Its name stands for “Pooling Activities, Resources and Tools for Heritage E-research Networking, Optimization and Synergies”. PARTHENOS addresses and provides a set of common solutions to the definition and implementation of joint policies and solutions for the humanities and linguistic data lifecycle, taking into account the specific needs of the sector that require dedicated design, including provisions for cross-discipline data use and re-use, the implementation of common AAA (authentication, authorization, access) and data curation policies, including long-term preservation; quality criteria and data approval/ certification; IPR management, also addressing sensitive data and privacy issues.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: PARTHENOS infrastructure is based on D4Science and it exploits a large common set of horizontal technologies of the BlueBRIDGE underlying infrastructure. The collaboration focused on the enhancing of the authorization and accounting technology that was developed in PARTHENOS and reused also in BlueBRIDGE. As a counterpart, the enhancing of the storage and cataloguing capacities developed in BlueBRIDGE have been exploited in PARTHENOS VREs.

The agreement between the two-consortium allowed to avoid duplication of effort, promoted economy of scale, and allowed to validate and exploit the technological delivered solution with a larger and multidisciplinary community of practice.

Plans for the future: Both projects contributed to maintain and deliver technological solutions by contributing to open-source  projects, namely gCube system and dNet framework. They will continue to sustain and contribute to these software initiatives. Moreover, the delivered software solutions have been validated and deployed by D4Science that will continue to operate them to serve the VREs developed within the projects.