(2nd March 2016)

This issue covers an amazing interview with Jeroen Steenbeek, Head Technical Committee at Ecopath Research and Development Consortium. Did you know that food web models allowed the Vancouver harbour to save millions of dollars? Jeroen tells us how and what potential he sees in the BlueBRIDGE services. Speaking of BlueBRIDGE services, do you know exactly what a VRE (Virtual Research Environment) is? No? We thought so... here is an article with a simple explanation to help you get your head around the concept.

BlueBRIDGE Goes Viral:  BlueBRIDGE has been selected as part of the prestigious programme of the European Maritime Day conference (18 May '16, Finland). Register now...seats are limited!

Finally, what you say means everything to us. Please complete the BlueBRIDGE survey & tell us what your current challenges are and what BlueBRIDGE services could be useful to you!

Enjoy this edition and if you have any questions or queries or would like to have a piece about what you do in the future editions then drop us an email to info@blue-bridge-vres.eu

Bringing food web models to the next level: Interview with Jeroen Steenbeek, Head Technical Committee at Ecopath Research and Development Consortium

Jeroen Steenbeek explains why the food web models are fundamental for predicting the human impact on marine ecosystems and the work he is planning to do with BlueBRIDGE to bring the Ecopath with Ecosim approach at a next level...

BlueBRIDGE workshop selected at the European Maritime Day 2016, 18 May 2016, Turku, Finland

The European Maritime Day is the annual meeting point for Europe’s maritime community to network, discuss, and forge joint action. This year the conference takes place on the 18-19 May 2016, in Turku, Finland. "Investing in competitive blue growth - smart and sustainable solutions" is the hot topic of the conference and the BlueBRIDGE workshop ...

VRE: three letters to enhance the cooperation and collaboration amongst researchers in modern science

How many times have you heard the word VRE wondering what this acronym is all about? You’ve heard it in your research institute, you’ve read it in the European Commission work programme, one of your colleagues, working in the economics department mentioned it, as well as a friend of yours who is specialised in marine biology. Were they all talking about the same thing?...








Putting the users' priorities first - Complete the BlueBRIDGE survey now!

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” - Stephen R. Covey
Listening to the users to understand their real needs is a key part of the BlueBRIDGE philosophy. Getting feedback from the users is the only way that we can provide services that  really help them to solve their daily issues. That's why we would like to invite all the researchers, data managers, policy makers and companies operating in the marine and maritime field to spend five minutes in completing our survey. This survey...