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Data scientists, researchers, engineers and users are invited to join the free webinar "Semantic integration of marine data", taking place the 28th of June at 11:10 AM CEST. The webinar is presented by Professor Yannis Tzitzikas, Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Computer Science Dep. at University of Crete and Affiliated Researcher of the Information Systems Laboratory at FORTH-ICS. 

The aim of this webinar is to describe the motivation for semantic integration of data, its difficulties, the related requirements and tasks, focusing on case studies of marine data coming from the BlueBRIDGE project. A process for constructing and exploit semantic warehouses of marine data will also be introduced. Finally, the webinar will discuss the future steps and open challenges.


Semantic Integration of Marine Data, 28 June 2017,

11.10am CEST

  BlueBRIDGE is organizing a webinar on 28 June 2017, 11.10am CEST, with the aim to highlight the importance of a semantic integration of data , the current approaches for integration and the main case studies of marine data coming from the BlueBRIDGE project...