How FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) is your data research catalogue? 

The aim of the BlueBRIDGE workshop “FAIR friendly research data catalogues: how far are we?”, is to discuss how European projects and e-infrastructures dealing with research data catalogues are approaching and enabling the FAIR principles. Representatives of Copernicus (the European system for monitoring the Earth), ELIXIR (the distributed infrastructure for life-science)EPOS (the European Plate Observing System)EUDAT (the European Data Infrastructure) and ICOS (the Integrated Carbon Observation System) will contribute to the workshop bringing their experiences in FAIR data catalogues and investigating what can be done to move forward.
Data users are also welcome at the workshop to describe their experience in the use of such catalogues and what are their requirements.

The workshop takes place on the 3rd April 2017 (from 2 to 6 pm CET) at the Barcelo Sants Hotel (the same venue of the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting).


BlueBRIDGE Workshop - FAIR friendly research data catalogues: How far are we?
 3 April 2017, Barcelona

  In 2014, a diverse set of stakeholders — representing academia, industry, funding agencies, and scholarly publishers — have come together to design and jointly endorse a concise and measureable  set of principles known as FAIR Data Principles, i.e. principles aiming at facilitating humans and / or machines in the “(re-)use” of data by...