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 Are you a data enthusiast working to improve the aquaculture, fisheries, marine and environmental data management practices and data products? Don't miss the joint RDA Europe / BlueBRIDGE datathon on fisheries and aquaculture this June in Crete and our free webinar on Using e-Infrastructures for Biodiversity Conservation. Additionally, make sure you apply to the BlueBRIDGE call for SMEs (Deadline is the 10th of June!)

Few days left to register to the FAIR research data catalogues workshop, 3 April 2017, Barcelona: BlueBRIDGE, ELIXIR, EPOS, EUDAT, ICOS and GEOSS are part of the programme

BlueBRIDGE would like to invite you to the workshop: "FAIR friendly research data catalogues: How far are we?" on 3 April 2017, from 2 to 6 pm CEST, in Barcelona. 
Why attend? The workshop brings together representatives of ICOS (the Integrated Carbon Observation System), EPOS (the European Plate Observing System), ELIXIR (the distributed infrastructure for life-science information), GEOSS (the Global Earth Observation System of Systems) and EUDAT (the European Data Infrastructure). Discussions will focus on how these initiatives are currently dealing with research data catalogues, how they are approaching the FAIR principles and how they can move forward.

The BlueBRIDGE Competitive Call for SMEs is open: Apply Now

If you are a European small or medium enterprise (SME) performing collaborative data management in the fisheries, marine, environmental & ecological domains or in the aquaculture sector, then apply now & seize the opportunity to adopt the BlueBRIDGE services.

Join the BlueBRIDGE workshop on FAIR research data catalogues co-located with the 9th RDA Plenary Meeting, 3rd of April 2017, Barcelona

The aim of the BlueBRIDGE workshop “FAIR friendly research data catalogues: how far are we?”, is to discuss how European projects and e-infrastructures dealing with research data catalogues are approaching and enabling the FAIR principles. Representatives of Copernicus (the European system for monitoring the Earth), ELIXIR (the distributed infrastructure for life-science)EPOS (the European Plate Observing System)EUDAT (the European Data Infrastructure) and ICOS (the Integrated Carbon Observation System) will contribute to the workshop bringing their experiences in FAIR data catalogues and investigating what can be done to move forward.

The BlueBRIDGE report on how e-infra services can support Blue Growth is out. Plan to attend the 9th RDA plenary? Come 2 days ahead and take in the FAIR data catalogue workshop too!


In this issue: the BlueBRIDGE January workshop “Understanding how ecosystems of e-infrastructures can boost Blue Growth" brought together over 50 stakeholders operating in the Blue Growth sector to discuss how e-infrastructures and innovative data management services can support Blue Growth. The workshop report is now available and includes a full section on how BlueBRIDGE is supporting stock assessment, the ecosystem approach to fisheries, aquafarms and the detection of aquaculture cages.​..

"Worm" wishes from BlueBRIDGE: on 11 January 2017 we welcome the New Year with Blue Growth and eInfra friends in Brussels

Celebrating the new year with the workshop "Understanding how ecosystems of EU e-infrastructures can boost Blue Growth"

BlueBRIDGE at work: aquaculture atlas; global distribution maps; support to stock assessement

Semi-automatic identification of aquaculture structures using satellite remote sensing data; transformation of a set of Copernicus in situ marine observations of an acidification parameter into one uniform global distribution map; the recent stock assessment model used in the last Oceana study available in the BlueBRIDGE VRE to support stock assessment. Three concrete examples of how BlueBRIDGE is supporting different use cases and stakeholders.

Taking part in the Annual ICES Science Conference? Join our BlueBRIDGE workshop on stock assessment

Assessing the status of fish populations stock is a science by itself, and is needed to understand safe harvesting limits to help conserve marine ecosystems and maintain the sustainability of aquatic food resources. Good stock assessments require high quality datasets and robust models to estimate biological parameters. In order to tackle these challenges, BlueBRIDGE developed a service assisting interdisciplinary teams of scientists in particularly relevant phases of the stock assessment process and data dissemination.

EOSC, COFI 2016 and upcoming BlueBRIDGE workshops

In this issue, we would like to bring to your attention the dual nature of BlueBRIDGE:
i) While waiting for the final release of the Commission High Level Expert Group on the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), we would like to describe to you how the data management solutions developed by BlueBRIDGE and its underlying infrastructure can contribute to the establishment of the EOSC;
ii) secondly, as BlueBRIDGE primarily supports the H2020 Blue Growth Societal Challenge, you must know that the BlueBRIDGE technologies (also used by iMarine) have been showcased alongside Google during one of the most important event on the international landscape for the fisheries community: the Committee of Fisheries (COFI 2016).
If we have piqued your interest, September and October are the right months to meet us! BlueBRIDGE is organising three different workshops in Latvia, Poland, and France and will be also present at the Bratislava ICT Proposers' Day!