In addition to applicability in public and academic sectors, BlueBRIDGE - the H2020 e-Infrastructure project of the European Commission that delivers tailor-made data management services in the field of aquaculture - shows strong compatibility with and great potential for private businesses, according to a survey BlueBRIDGE conducted earlier this year. This application of BlueBRIDGE’s services could have significant ramifications for the whole of the EU economy.

Members of Pole Mer Bretagne, a renowned marine science and technology cluster based in France, comprised the majority of participants in the survey. Perhaps surprisingly, private companies comprised roughly a third of all participants, making them the largest group to participate. Over 90% of respondents found BlueBRIDGE’s services to be relevant to their operations. Specifically, private companies expressed particular interest in the Data Collection and Management service, suggesting a heightened importance of database usage among these companies.

Clearly, the high levels of participant interest in BlueBRIDGE suggests a growing demand for its services, especially in the private sector. Businesses recognize the possibilities that BlueBRIDGE offers, demonstrated by the more than 60 French companies, including SMEs, that have already expressed interest in the BlueBRIDGE services.

In adhering to the stipulations of the European Commission’s European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Communication released on April 19th of this year, BlueBRIDGE gives businesses the tools to foster innovation and rapid development through cost-effective and easy access to high-quality data and computing services. In doing so, BlueBRIDGE breaks down digital barriers that many European businesses face, bringing us one step closer to the realization of the European Digital Single Market. Based on the survey data, it is apparent that BlueBRIDGE’s services and tools are not merely reserved for public and academic institutions, but are experiencing growing demand in the private sector as well; the adoption and implementation of these services (and the resulting innovation and efficiency) has the potential to not only have a significant positive impact upon these businesses, but on the larger EU economy as well.

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Click here to view the full survey report (results also available on Zenodo).

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