The European Commission adopted on 19 April 2016 the communication “European Cloud Initiative – Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe” that sets out a strategy to strengthen Europe’s position in data-driven innovation, improve its cohesion and help create a Digital Single Market in Europe. This is a fundamental step towards the reinforcement of the EU’s competitiveness in digital technologies and in innovation. The European Cloud Initiative will make it easier for researchers, businesses and public services to fully exploit the benefits of big data by making it possible to move, share, re-use and process data seamlessly across global markets and borders, and among institutions and research disciplines.
The building blocks of the European Cloud Initiative are the existing EU-funded e-infrastructures.

The recently published booklet "E-infrastructures: making Europe the best place for research and innovation" describes how e-Infrastructure projects funded under the Horizon 2020 work programme 2014-2015 are helping researchers address the challenges posed by society and economy.

BlueBRIDGE and its VREs are a fundamental gear of this mechanism, as illustrated in the booklet. Delivering tailor made data management services, operated through Virtual Research Environments, BlueBRIDGE enables researchers, scientists and data managers to address key challenges related to the Blue Growth long term strategy with a strong focus on sustainable growth.

Download the booklet to discover how researchers can benefit from BlueBRIDGE