Collaboration type: collaboration agreement for the integration of the DIVA geographic interpolation service and enhancement of this service with Open Science features.

About SeaDataCloud: SeaDataCloud is an integrated infrastructure bringing together over 50 partners of major scientific marine research institutes who relies on the SeaDataNet infrastructure. The objective of SeaDataNet is to construct a standardized system for managing the large and diverse data sets collected by the oceanographic fleets and the new automatic observation systems. The final objective is to network and enhance currently existing infrastructures, which are the national oceanographic data centres and satellite data centres of 34 countries active in data collection. The networking of these professional data centres in a unique virtual data management system provides integrated data sets of standardized quality online.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: The SeaDataCloud infrastructure hosts a service to geographically interpolate scattered observations reported by floats in the global oceans (e.g. ARGO and Copernicus data). This service is based on the Data-Interpolating Variational Analysis (DIVA) model. BlueBRIDGE started a scientific collaboration to make the BlueBRIDGE cloud computing platform (DataMiner) interoperate with the SeaDataCloud DIVA interpolation service. The final result was a service in DataMiner able to receive scattered environmental observation data from the Copernicus repository and produce an interpolated distribution of the environmental parameter. This service adds several Open Science-oriented features to the SeaDataNet service, e.g. provenance management, multi-tenancy, reusability-repeatability-reproducibility of the experiments, accounting, security, data sharing and standardization. The SeaDataCloud staff provided facilities that enhanced the interoperability with the BlueBRIDGE computational facilities, e.g. the possibility to feed the model with information about ocean-currents velocities, automatic signal-to-noise-ratio calculation, enhancement of the computational hardware to support DIVA etc.

Plans for the future: SeaDataCloud continues to manage the DIVA service and the interpolation service is (and will be) maintained and offered as a free-of-use service in public VREs, with an Open Science fashion.