BlueBRIDGE in Action: A demonstration on how BlueBRIDGE can support the production of a GIS map!


See How BlueBRIDGE can help you with our new demo video. 

Heard about BlueBRIDGE and wondered what BlueBRIDGE actually does? Maybe you’re interested in some of the potential services BlueBRIDGE has to offer but want to see it in action? 
Here we have the latest BlueBRIDGE demonstration and instructional video on how BlueBRIDGE can support the production of a GIS map, with simple step by step instructions to guide you through the process. 

VRE: three letters to enhance the cooperation and collaboration amongst researchers in modern science


How many times have you heard the word VRE wondering what this acronym is all about? You’ve heard it in your research institute, you’ve read it in the European Commission work programme, one of your colleagues, working in the economics department mentioned it, as well as a friend of yours who is specialised in marine biology. Were they all talking about the same thing?  The answer is yes. Read this article to find out more...