Collaboration type: Awareness Creation towards private companies

About: The Marine South East Business & Innovation Cluster supports the strategic growth of the marine sector through consultancy projects, collaborations, European partnerships and strategic projects. The mission of the Portuguese Association of the Sea Economy is to strengthen dynamics of strategic cooperation between players; promote the competitiveness of the main value chains that utilise the sea and marine resources as the central elements of its activity; contribute, in a sustainable way, to economic growth and the growth of exports and employment; and increase the maritime economy’s importance to the national economy.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period: Thanks to the support of the French Business & Innovation Cluster (the Pole Mer Bretagne), BlueBRIDGE was able to engage the UK Marine South East Business & Innovation Cluster and the Portuguese Association of the Sea Economy for the promotion of the call for SMEs. A set of calls have been held between BlueBRIDGE and the two clusters to explain the purpose of the call and the rules of engagements for SMEs. Both clusters actively contributed to disseminate the Call for SMEs among their members. Two UK SMEs were interested in the application.

Plans for the future: BlueBRIDGE will continue to promote its outcomes within the work ongoing under the Common dissemination Booster. The contacts established with the clusters will be useful for future dissemination activities.