Collaboration type:  Adoption of the BlueBRIDGE services

About WECAFC FIRMS: FAO works with WECAFC in the FIRMS WECAFC partnership. The general objective of the Commission is to promote the effective conservation, management and development of the living marine resources of the area of competence of the Commission, in accordance with the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, and address common problems of fisheries management and development faced by members of the Commission. The work of the Commission is guided by the following three principles:

  • promote the application of the provisions of the FAO Code of Conduct on Responsible Fisheries and its related instruments, including the precautionary approach and the ecosystem approach to fisheries management;
  • ensure adequate attention to small-scale, artisanal and subsistence fisheries; and
  • coordinate and cooperate closely with other relevant international organizations on matters of common interest.

The FIRMS partnership, where FAO holds the secretariat, is activ to improve the collection, collation and harmonization of fisheries data and statistics with the WECAFC member states.

Short description of the collaboration & main achievements in the period:  FAO has set up different VREs to support WECAFC-FIMS on different topics (RDB for data collection, harmonization and sharing, WECAFC FIRMS VRE for data elaboration and sharing).  These VREs have been presented and discussed with regional partners during WECAFC meetings.

With NOAA a collaboration focused on the development of fisheries data assessment methods that focus on data poor situation that are common in the region. The objectives of the collaboration is to review and analyse methodological issues related to the collation and harmonization of the assessment of the status of species in the region.

Plans for the future: The first meeting of the data and statistics WG in Barbados in May 218 will present the RDB and related data services, and will offer hands-on opportunities for data managers from the region. Later this year, after results are evaluated, there will be a more action oriented workshop under the aegis of the CLME+ project (dates to be confirmed).